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Our pets, like us, are creatures of habit, and they are also territorial, so a change of home can completely upset them. They can feel disconcerted and uncomfortable, for this reason, in this blog we will explain some steps to follow so that moving house with pets can be less difficult, both for us and for them.



Dogs realize that a change is coming before it happens. The stress in humans, moving from one place to another, putting everything in boxes, the change in routine… Our canine companion is able to perceive all these sensations, but without understanding what is happening.

Although every dog is different, these tips can be useful to help your dog with moving house.

  • Before – If possible, take your dog into the new house, so that he can familiarize himself and start sniffing every nook and cranny, or take a walk around. One trick is to take small pieces of food with you that it can search and sniff and positivize the new area. It is also important not to lose the routine of walks and food. Make sure that your dog is identified (chip or tag with phone number).
    If you cannot leave your dog with someone else on the day of the move, isolate your dog for a few hours each day so that he gets used to being isolated in a separate room or enclosure; put his bed, objects, and toys in a separate room to make it more pleasant for him.
  • Moving dayThe best thing would be to keep our doggy friend away from the chaos; strangers entering its territory and taking it things. If you can, leave it with someone it feels comfortable with. It is important that your pet and its things are the last thing to leave the house and the first thing to enter the new home. Take your pet with you, as your presence will make it feel more at ease on the journey.
  • After – When you start tidying up your new home, hide food treats in corners, furniture or toys scattered around the house, which will help it to become familiar with and recognize it new home. It’s important to resume the routine of walks as soon as possible, so that it can get used to the new routes. The first few weeks are usually a little difficult, it is very important to be patient and dedicate time to it so that it feels part of the new home.



Cats are very sensitive to change and stress. Moving house is not a pleasant situation for them, as they will be forced to leave their territory and live in a totally unfamiliar one. Keeping these aspects in mind is a good way to help your feline with the situation and adapt to their new home.

  • Before moving – A couple of weeks beforehand, start packing and leave some boxes, the cat will get used them and play with. If he is not used to the pet carrier, put food and his blanket inside, so that he can enter without fear and feel safe.
  • Moving day – Noise can be very stressful for your cat, so it is recommended that you prepare a safe room, with all his things in it, so that he can stay there quietly. This is the last room you will need to dismantle. Travel with your pet in the carrier to make him feel more relaxed.
  • After moving – The best option is to set up a room with his things in it so that he can stay there while you redecorate your house. It is important that there are no doors or windows open to the outside, as in a stressful situation, the cat could look for a way out and escape. A pheromone diffuser can help your cat feel more at ease, so keep moving it around, and then he will feel like exploring the whole house. One trick is to rub a piece of clothing on your cat, and scratch the corners, edges of doors, etc. with it.
    Try to maintain the organization of your old house, so that it does not feel a sense of disorientation that could cause fear or stress.


One of the most important things for your pets is to maintain routines of care and leisure with their owner, so spend as much time with them as you can, or at least as much time as you used to, to make them feel at home wherever they were.

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