The Fleet

The information below will give you an idea of what size of vehicle you can expect to arrive at your property once you’ve booked with us. This is particularly helpful if you need to arrange for a parking permit or suspension, or just to make sure there’s enough space on removal day for the vehicle to be parked close to your property.

All of the vehicles are owned and operated by RP Removals and liveried as shown below.

Mercedes Sprinter

Length Capacity
22.75ft / 6.95m 500cft / 14.16cbm

3.5 Tonne Luton van with tail-lift

Length Capacity
22.5ft / 6.9m 850cft / 24cbm

3.5 Tonne Low Loader

Length Capacity
22.5ft / 6.9m 1250cft / 35cbm

7.5 Tonne trailer

Length Capacity
30ft / 9.2m 1500cft / 42cbm

10 Tonne trailer

Length Capacity
40ft / 12m 2000cft /56cbm

18 Tonne Trailer

Length Capacity
50.25ft / 15m 2500cft / 70cbm

38 Tonne Tractor & Trailer

Length Capacity
57ft / 17m 3000cft-3300cft / 85cbm-93.45cbm

European Road Train

Length Capacity
62.5ft / 19m 3400cft-3750cft / 96.25cbm-106cbm