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Removal Tips

Here are some removal tips for a stress-free day

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Removal Tips

List of all objects that will be transported

We start our list of removal tips by telling you that we know this is a great job, but it is essential for the safety of your items, which can be broken or lost in transportation without you noticing.

We advise labelling all the boxes and the bags with numbers, and you can also make a separate list describing what each one contains. Knowing what is inside each box facilitates the unloading of objects, which can already be left in the correct room.

Likewise, we do not advise you to describe the items directly on the packaging, as valuable items can draw a lot of attention. Through your list, you can quickly see if there is any missing box or object.

Pack less used items first

You will not be able to pack everything in your house on the eve of the move. This is a process that needs to start about 15 days in advance.

But, after all, where to start?

Pack objects that are not essential in your daily life, such as decorative ones. When you have finished this step, you can do the same with your clothes, arranging those that you are not using at the season, for example.

Choose small and medium size boxes

You may think it is less laborious to carry a few boxes, even if large size. Wrong. It is much more practical and advantageous to use small and medium boxes in a move.

This is because, in addition to being much less heavy, it is much easier to accommodate smaller packages in the car or the moving truck.

One of the rules is to use smaller boxes for heavy objects and larger boxes for lighter objects. This balances the weight.

Prepare the packages

Plastic bags should not be considered when making the move. Besides the great risk of tearing, they do not guarantee the necessary security for their objects.

Bags can be used to carry clothing and bed linen and bath. Supermarkets and stores can be a source of boxes because they are usually discarded.

Reinforcing the bottom of the boxes with tape is crucial so that they do not disassemble with the weight of the contents.

Reduce care with fragile objects

Glassware, crockery or materials that break easily should be packed with bubble wrap or shrink wrap paper before being placed in cartons.

The newspaper, while being a good role to wrap around items, can foul them and stain them. We also advise separating smaller boxes for fragile items. This prevents objects from colliding and also prevents their boxes from becoming too heavy, reducing the risk of falls.

In addition, it is interesting to identify these packages with “Fragile” or “This side up” warnings, so the person who is carrying will know that he needs to increase the care, avoiding accidents.

Make the “first night box”

If you needed to leave some essential items to pack only on the eve of the move, likewise, it is theirs that you will need on your first night in the new home, after an exhausting day of moving.

Then, separate this box with essentials.

We hope our removal tips will help you.

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